Parents Meeting

Parents Meeting

  1. The first and prime learning place is home and parents are the first teachers
  2. The primary right and duty to educate the children rest with the parents. At home, more than any other place, parents teach by their example reverence for God and respect for the dignity of others. They are also tremendously influential in cultivating among their children the virtues of love of neighbour, compassion, justice, generosity, universal brotherhood loyalty, industry , honesty etc. which are essential to their worth living.
  3. The parents are earnestly requested to co-operate with the institute. They should insist on their child’s regular attendance at Institute and punctuality. They must help them to do their homework and prepare their lessons daily. Give an environment for the child to seat and study at home, which is most beautiful to develop personal responsibility and intellectual development. Good education is the joint effort ot the institute and Parents. Though the institute can do a lot for the child it cannot do everything. ‘The foundation of right education begins at home or private Tution’.
  4. The child should be encouraged to cultivate habitual cleanliness in all his/her work and person. Dress him/ her neatly and properly. Do not allow him/her to bring any costly things to the Institute so as to make a display of such item or to show that he/she is more privileged than the rest. Help the child to understand that in the institute he/she is one just like any other students.
  5. If you feel that your child is not making the desired progress, the Principal should be contacted. Co-operation between parents and Institute authorities is of paramount importance for a child’s successful institute career.
  6. Parents are joint educators to instill in their children noble ideas, a sense of good discipline and polite behaviour.
  7. Your criticism of your child’s teacher in his/her presence should be avoided, because it causes the child to lose his/her respect for the teacher with consequent failure to learn from her/ him
  8. Parents are advised to allow the children to watch only educational and useful programme on the T.V. Habitual watching of movies and film songs may take the children away from the realities of life.
  9. It does sometimes happen that children complain to their parents concerning institute matters. Parents are requested to notify such matters to the Principal and withhold their judgment until proper investigation is made. A little carefulness along this line often prevents unhappy consequences.
  10. Children are attracted even by trifle things which they would like to acquire for themselves. If he/she brings home any thing from the institute without the teacher’s knowledge send it back the next day itself and inform about it to the person concerned. It will have its own reward in his/her life.
  11. In case your child reveals some special habits or traits of character which need special observation, please report the matter to the Principal /class teacher so that proper care/attention can be given to your ward.
  12. While sending letters or making remittance of fee and enquiries please mention the name of the child, his/her class and the admission number.
  13. Parents and Guardians who want to discuss the welfare and progress of their children must first meet the Principal. With the consent of Principal they can contact the teachers.
  14. When the Institute is in session, Parents and Guardians should not visit the class or teacher without the permission as it causes disturbance to their normal and legitimate work.
  15. Remarks made in the diary should be seen and counter signed.
  16. Parents and Guardians are specially requested to notify the Institute any change in their address & Telephone numbers.

Open House

The repport between parents and teachers makes the way easier for better progress. Parents should make good use of the occasions for building up mutual understanding between the parents and teachers with regard to the all round progress of their wards. It is not a fault finding session, but legitimate reasons for not being satisfied may be brought to the attention of the principal/class teacher by all means without any delay.

Following are the prescribed days for these occasions.

  • The days mentioned in the calendar/ dairies.
  • Special occasion as per the needs
  • Any time, if your child has any special ability/disability, put it into the notice of the teachers with prior appointment.

  • Student Wins
  • Co-Ed school
  • Computer Lab