Daily Routine

Daily Routine

All in a day’s routine……………………

Setting forth the right foot each morning will help students to prepare for the day. Get up early in the morning.

Jesus Mary Convent do at all times:

1. Is well groomed, neat and tidy and proper uniform.
2. Takes good care of your health and is strong and active.
3. Is friendly, helpful, courteous and co-operative towards all.
4. Is respectful and obedient to your teachers, parents and all elders.
5. Is self- disciplined and self-respecting.
6. Is truthful and regular.
7. Is punctual and persevering.
8. Is hardworking and persevering.
9. Takes care of personal belongings.
10. Keeps the class room and the school campus neat and tidy.
11. Takes care of the school property.
12. Abides by the school rules and makes sincere efforts towards the progress of the school.
13. Participates actively in sports and extra-curricular activities.
14. Is sensitive to environment.
15. Strives to attain excellence in every field.

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