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When Started Jesus Mary Convent


Welcome to Jesus Mary Convent is established by Mr. Ramesh Narayan (EST- 1996).It will be Started a Small compound only 6 students study in school.In further Day two Large Building Or Play grounds ,labs or Transport service availabel.
An educationist who always wanted to inspire students. Jesus Mary Convent has been teaching Primary To Secondary Classes (NUR TO XTH) aspirants for last 20 years experience and so many students are studying in various Good institute & colleges and many more have passed from Good institutes & Colleges. Our School has state of the art facilities, providing excellent opportunities to groom your career. We promote excellence in every aspect of our work, appearance, relationships and behavior and combine these with good manners, respect and consideration for others. Our vibrant learning community is a place where every student has an opportunity to flourish and achieve success in a supportive and caring environment. We believe that learning best takes place in a safe and calm environment. We support each student to achieve their potential through a caring and encouraging approach. Each student has access to exciting opportunities in a purposeful atmosphere. The common factor of all successful people is the presence of a trusted mentor in their lives. Having a mentor has become mandatory to gain an edge over our competitors. You will get mentors here who will instill the determination in you and will change your attitude from 'I can do it' to 'I will do it'.

What We Do

Jesus Mary Convent, a co-educational school ICSE Board. Student is committed to achieve excellence in the field of Education. The Campus provides a safe and green environment, which is conducive to learning. We believe that children need love, trust and faith to blossom into responsible individuals. Besides academic excellence and intellectual development, the institute endeavours to help each child in individual and moral growth, ethical and environmental awareness and service to the social community.

The School aims at creating an Good Environment:

  • Where the mind is given the freedom to seek, to reason.
  • Where confidence is built as each child is given an opportunity.
  • Where individual needs are looked after.
  • Where the emphasis is on ‘thinking’
  • Children are active learners and not passive absorbers of information.
  • Teachers are facilitators, guides and not mere sources of information.
  • Parents are goal setters and resources, not outsiders and uninvolved.
  • School learning is challenging, enjoyable and rewarding - and not a task to be endured.
  • Each child is unique and therefore we need to create an environment to nurture each child.
  • For education spiritual aspects are important. (SpQ i:e Spiritual Quotient is as important as IQ and SQ i:e Social Quotient.) Also values, ethics and character are as important if not more as academics.

  • Student Wins
  • Co-Ed school
  • Computer Lab